Wendy Wong

Co-Founder & Chairperson
Wow Concepts, TOPFIT

Wendy Wong grew up in Hong Kong and studied Economics at Occidental College in Los Angeles. Soon after, she joined her family business at VTech and managed all marketing efforts of the group.

Finding herself very passionate about cuisine and the culinary world, she decided to embrace it by joining the industry. In 2015, She co-founded a Hong Kong based F&B hospitality group called Wow concepts, which owns a fast casual joint, Bao Wow, and a Bar and Restaurant, Bao Bei. Recently the group has also opened a private Chinese Kitchen in the heart of central, Bo Zhan.

Being also fitness addict herself, in 2016, she co-founded a boutique gym in Central – TOPFIT. A gym that is challenging the fitness industry standards definition of "elite" while being a pioneer in the sleek and minimalistic design of gyms.

She is also a co-founder and core member of a running group in HK - Hong Kong Harbour Runners. As an athlete, Wendy has completed more than 15 marathon races including a full Ironman race in April 2016. When Wendy is not running, enjoys training with friends at TOPFIT.