Philip Leung

Managing Partner
Sancus Technology Partners

Philip Leung is a technology executive, highly experienced in building businesses across geographic regions, particularly Western technology companies entering China and vice versa. He is Managing Partner at Sancus Technology Partners. He previously worked at: The Canadian Chamber of Commerce (as President), Compaq Computer (Managing Director, East Asia), Rackable/SGI (President, APAC), Chinese Books Cyberstore (CEO), Vtech (CEO, USA), and AMD (Founding Manager, Taiwan). Philip has been active at The American Chamber of Commerce in various roles including: founding Chair of China Affairs Group, and Chair of Innovation & Technology Committee. His work at AmCham is focused on fostering commerce among Hong Kong, China and the US, as well as enhancing Hong Kong's stature as an international business center.

As Founding President of AAMA's PRD Chapter, he launched AAMA ( in Hong Kong and other cities in China’s Greater Bay Area including Shenzhen and Zhuhai. He is a frequent speaker and a thought leader on driving social and economic progress through innovation, technology and entrepreneurship. He holds an MBA from Harvard University, and a BS (Engineering) from Hong Kong University. He has worked in various cities in Asia and the US, including 12 years in Silicon Valley.