Andrew McLachlan

HKCS Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club
Hong Kong Computer Society

Andrew came to Hong Kong from Sydney, Australia in 1973. He worked at the Jardine Mathesons Holdings for many years. He was responsible for the strategic direction of Jardine in their entrance into IT technology and business. He set up the first intelligent building, the Exchange Square, in Hong Kong. Andrew held senior managerial positions with international Asia Pacific companies such as Jardine Matheson and LM Ericsson in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and China, responsible for key management decisions in telecommunications activities value added service business (Engine Program) and service providers in mobile and wireline consulting and services. His core competency are sales and marketing of large and small scale IT and Telecom integration, and management of telecommunications products and services. His past achievements include not limited to: Design and integration of the technology platform for the trading floor and IT support for the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and Call Centre design and replacement for the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

He is now CEO of Morning China Holdings Limited & Chairman of Eight Dragons Asset Management Limited – Mentoring, capital training and Investment for leading edge technology companies. Was with Ericsson (China) as Vice President, Wireless Data Systems Solutions and Services, for Hong Kong & China, based in Shanghai & Beijing. Andrew has been regarded as one of the pioneers in Hong Kong ICT Technology and Business referred in the book “The Computer Age in Hong Kong”.