Alan Chow

Chairman, Focus Capital Group
Founder, AI Lab

Dr Chow, a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist, has nearly 30 years’ experience in business. He has his first IT start-up in Beijing, China in 1991. He is currently the Chairman of Focus Capital Group Ltd, a family office fund for start-ups and Focus Capital Investment Inc., a US based VC investing in technology companies since 2002. Recently he co-founded SmartBLKTrade Ltd, a HK startup deploying emerging technologies to disruptive the global physical commodities legacy ecosystem. Apart from that, he convened the setup of a charitable community, AI Lab, dedicates to promote deep technology, with focus on Artificial Intelligence, blockchain and cybersecurity for the Hong Kong community.

With background from startups to Listco, MNC and Fortune 500, Dr Chow has successfully brought a start-up company listed in Singapore and Hong Kong mainboard within 4 years’ time and served as the Chairman of Investment Committee and Executive Director. Projects investment size exceeds USD 100 million for Asia, covering from technology to resources, supply chain to manufacturing.

Dr Chow is also regularly invited as advisor, mentor, speaker, judge, sponsor, lecturer and professor of events and courses by universities, non-profit making entity, professional and regulatory bodies in HK, China, USA, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore and Australia.

He is an alumnus of HKPU, HKU and RMU of China and received his professorship from SUIBE and JUFE.